Group Purchasing Solutions:

CarePact delivers unbeatable price and quality, and participation rebates on a growing selection medical, pharmaceutical, office and environmental products and services. Member can choose to source healthcare products and supplies from unique contracts designed to reduce total operating cost for hospitals and clinics. To ensure a smooth transition to the CarePact purchasing solution, you will receive service and support for product evaluation, transition planning, inventory changeover, training and implementation.

Group Purchasing Solutions include:

  • Business performance tools
  • Comprehensive contract portfolio
  • eSourcing Solutions
  • Spend analysis
  • Strategic Solutions
  • Supplier Management
  • Product Evaluvation

Custom Contracting Solutions include:

  • Handle back-office activities.
  • Provide assistance identifying projects.
  • Assist with supplier evaluation.
  • Monitor contract compliance

CarePact Custom Contracting:

Carepact team helps you to create custom contracts to maximize savings in high impact areas. This helps you decide the strategy. Choose the best suppliers form our members to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Capital Equipment Planning and Procurement:

Multi-year capital forecast of equipment costs which integrates annual capital funding for equipment upgrades and replacements and project funded equipment for expansion and renovations.


Software As A Solution:

Carepact provides savings opportunity on health care IT solutions through partnerships with market leading suppliers. The IT solutions include hardware, network services, security and business continuity systems, and clinical and financial applications/systems.


Data As A Service:

Healthcare sales, patient demographic, custom intelligence data services to manufacturers, suppliers and service organizations. Create partnerships with members of the Indian medical community and enable data sharing. The platform will be able to aggregate and analyse the shared data from various points of the supply chain and enable optimization of supply chain process.