CarePact uses Data Driven Intelligence to Boost your Hospital's Profitability

Right from projecting future business requirements to tweaking the receipt and storage process to building vendor relationships to monitoring inventory levels, product flow and more, CarePact offers a unified, curated platform for all your hospital’s supply chain needs.

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Group purchasing

CarePact is uniquely positioned to leverage volume aggregation to reduce your hospital’s working capital. Through CarePact, your hospital can compete with larger super speciality hospitals by leveraging the power of Group Purchasing. We aggregate purchasing volume and negotiate competitive pricing from manufacturers, distributors and other vendors.This helps you realize savings and efficiencies, and improves your cash flow from day one. CarePact strives to realize the best purchasing options based on the requirements set forth by your healthcare professionals. You can make intelligent purchasing decisions after careful evaluation of savings at an item level and return on investment for each purchase.

What you get

  • No Middlemen, No Commissions.
  • Curated purchasing at Best Prices.
  • Larger Supply Base, More Options.
  • One Stop Shop for Entire Inventory.
  • Easy Item Procurement.
  • Accelerated Cost Reduction.
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Inventory Optimization

The Inventory Optimization Solution from CarePact eliminates stock wastage, errors in billing and misquoted contracts. It eliminates stock outs, dead stock and over stock issues. CarePact helps you reduce inventory costs through end-to-end monitoring of inventory movement. A complete, real-time view of inventory levels allows you to optimize your purchasing based on actual use. Our customers typically eliminate duplicate inventory, “just-in-case” purchases and zero-use items, within the first six months. Automatic alerts warn of approaching expiry and CarePact’s cross selling feature allows you to recover working capital from stagnant stock. Inventory Optimization from CarePact involves enterprise-wide monitoring and streamlining of key business processes to automate the supply chain. Inefficient manual tracking and recording of inventory is replaced with a technology powered solution that simplifies item receipt and tracking, thus enabling enhanced demand forecasting and purchasing accuracy.

What you get

  • Predictive Demand Analysis.
  • Automated Inventory Receipt and Tracking.
  • Automatic alerts to prevent stock expiry.
  • Cross Selling to recover working capital.
  • Minimal Inventory, Reduced Storage Overhead.
  • No Human Error and Inefficiencies.
  • Maximized Cash Flow.
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Supply Chain financing

Your hospital’s working capital suffers due to significant time delays between purchase and payment. Through our partner banks, CarePact offers a line of credit aimed at easing your liquidity and reducing working capital. CarePact offers a technology-based business and financing process to increase payment time and improve business efficiency for your hospital. Through our partner banks, we offer a short-term credit line that optimises your working capital. CarePact’s technology platform automates transactions and tracks the end-to-end invoice approval and settlement process. You deal directly with a bank and receive an extended window for purchase payments. Supply Chain Financing is an extension of your accounts payable and is not considered financial debt. You can leverage this advantage to negotiate better terms from the supplier and improve working capital.

What you get

  • Extended payment time.
  • Automated transaction, invoice approval and settlement.
  • Optimised working capital.
  • Better Purchase Terms from supplier.

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