CarePact Guarantees Greater Profitability for your Hospital Through
60%-75% Reduction in Working Capital

We deliver significant cost savings on hospital purchased medical supplies through our AI powered margin improvement expertise.
Our platform studies the demand of medical supplies in your hospital and reconciles them with your purchasing process.
We provide actionable intelligence to eliminate dead stock, avoid understock and stop purchase duplication.

How We Work


Purchase Data Analysis - Accurate Data on Demand

The CarePact process begins with an analysis of your hospital’s purchases for the past 12 to 18 months. This will reveal the hidden costs in off-contract spends and pricing errors that you are not aware of.

Intelligent insights on purchases

Purchase benchmarking based on physician’s recommendation often leads to missed opportunities for cost saving. CarePact experts identify trends, variations and quality in stock utilization that leads to increased costs and provide data driven advice to save your organization money.

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Group purchasing

CarePact leverages Group purchasing to improve efficiency, maximize financial value and enhance your ability to offer the highest quality of patient care, through a significant increase in your hospital’s profitability.

Item Receipt optimization

Up to 30% of hospital purchases are neither detailed on the contract nor match contract pricing. Manual logging of item receipt is inefficient and time consuming and cuts into your margins. The CarePact platform optimizes the Item Receipt process through technology and ensures maximum cost saving on purchases.

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Payment Consolidation

Handling multiple vendors and processing individual payments lead to large turnaround time and cracks in the purchasing process that bleed your working capital. CarePact offers the means to consolidate payments and free up working capital through a single-point payment methodology.


Health care products




Corporate clients


Partner Vendors

Our sophisticated analytic methodologies provide clear, objective and data-driven recommendations to optimize your supply chain and balance cost, quality and outcomes.

  • Significant reduction of working capital for your hospital.
  • Data-driven intelligence to improve your hospital’s profitability.
  • Elimination of overpayment for purchased supplies.
  • Real-time inventory monitoring to avoid stock stagnation.
  • Timely intelligence to avoid dead stock and understock.
  • Optimized item receipt and logging.
  • Enterprise level advice to stay ahead of the competition.

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